About Jobeka company

Jobeka is one of the best services for quick and convenient job search online. You don't need to look through dozens of websites and numerous offers, it's enough to just open our website and run a search that will give you vacancies from all connected partner sites.

When creating Jobeka we tried to simplify job search for our users and left only the filters necessary to reduce the time of finding a suitable vacancy. In order not to miss new vacancies that appear on the site every day, you can create alerts. In addition, registered users can quickly create a beautiful and detailed resume.

Every day we are working to make our project even more convenient. Our site was created to help people find jobs, and because of that, we do not miss a single request from our users and partners, just making the process as approachable as possible. So if you want to help us make Jobeka even better or if you find a mistake on the site - write to us about it.

Our advantages


Simplicity of the interface. Jobeka is a convenient service that allows you to find a job in any part of the country. For this, you just need to fill in our simple search form: "Position" and "City, region". All the rest will be done by us. We will find relevant vacancies from our many partners. This way, with just one click you gain access to a large number of vacancies.


Regular database updates. Literally every minute new vacancies appear and others are closed, therefore it becomes difficult to navigate the job market in the conditions of such fast dynamics, as such the most relevant offers are always presented on Jobeka. Frequent updating of the vacancy database allows our users to easily navigate the job market of their region and the entire country.


The opportunity to be the first to know the latest vacancies. In order to quickly find out about new vacancies, you just need to subscribe to the vacancy newsletter for a specified request. The frequency of receiving e-mails can be changed at any time in the “Mailing Settings”.